Something that I'm working on for my company

This may not look like much to most of you. It’s a pretty significant change for my company. But I’m not here to push the company, instead to say I’m happy with the results of the change.

This is a fillet braze, for those who don’t know. It’s not a perfect one, and clean up will tell me just how much I need to improve. But I’m happy to see my braze stay, mostly, where I want it. I do need to work on my heat control, and probably flame control, to keep my brass filler in a smaller area.

What this signifies, is that I’ll soon be offering steel framesets (cross, gravel, road, and hardtail mtb). This is a bit of a change for the direction the original owner of the namebrand had. He imported most of his items. I’m changing the focus to more custom, less carbon fiber (aside from forks, and seatposts) to steel, and probably imported Titanium framesets.

Anyway, I just had to show off some of my work. I’m happy with the progress, but see I still have more to do.

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Very Cool! I’d be interested in a steel road frame, when you’re ready to start supplying. I’ll message you directly and we can keep in touch til then…

Thanks for sharing!

I’ve always wanted to build a frame. Did you attend one of the frame building schools or are you learning as you go?

@UteBrave the short answer is yes, I took a class. I did not take one from one of the schools. Instead I found another framebuilder who was willing to teach me. That got me the basics, the rest has been learning as I go. Such as I’m much better at fillet brazing than tig. Not to mention I prefer the look to a good fillet finish than tig.

Message me if you have more questions. I’d love to answer them. I’m very passionate about bikes so I can get carried away.

I thought this was a good frame building video. One day I want to get a shop set up and do this.