Some Quick Tip Videos to Using the Site

I put together a handful of videos to help you better use the new site, most are pretty quick. You can subscribe to the UF.N youtube channel for more videos in the future here. Hope they help you luddites :wink: :

How to turn off default email alerts:

How to boardmail

Composing messages, uploading photos and embedding videos and links

Keyboard shortcuts

How to use chat

How to change themes

How to Uncheck a Category

This is great. Thanks so much.

For some unknown reason I am getting an error message on my iPhone saying “Safari cannot open the because it could not establish a secure connection to the server.”

Is there a feature anymore to ignore a user?

Yes, click on the user’s profile. On the right hand you should see a button that says, “Normal” click on that and you can mute an individual or ignore them.

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Thanks Rocker.