Some people need real issues to worry about

PETA wants MLB to quit referring to “the bullpen”

Good grief. Get a frickin’ life.

This is disturbing enough. But what is more disturbing is that people will think that all liberals go along with this.


Ran into PETA when we lived in Austin. Damn they’re LOUD and obnoxious. We know that not all liberals (classical) go along with PETA; but because of PETA’s volume, that mistake is easy to make.

Have a number of friends who are animal friends.

All hate PETA because of their hyper charging issues like this.


It occurs to me that the pitcher’s mound is an appropriation of the entrance to a prairie dog’s den. This must stop!


The only PETA I like is the People for Eating Tasty Animals


I think this is a real issue, although I don’t know what can or should be done about it. Doesn’t make me feel very good about the NFL.

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