Solve the OL conundrum and utes will be smelling the roses

I’ve come to the conclusion that the Utes biggest recruiting snafu has been OL - specifically OT.
Utes have always looked at “road graders” who can move the line - which made for a historically strong run game.

What the Utes keep whiffing at is the athletic OT who has the skill set pass protect. Almost all Ute OL who got a shot at the NFL ended up at the guard position ( even if they played OT at Utah)

A much bigger emphasis need to be place on pass protection characteristics and just a higher rating at the OT position. In fact, Utah missed on a home grown OT talents that would have made the the QB and WR positions shine - Kingsley Suamataia.

My hope is the kwhitt looks hard at the JUCO prospects this year and finds true pass protector OT’s.

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Utes cannot settle for long shots like BAM or that kid they got this year … what’s his name… zero or something?

We need solid 4* recruits at the OT position.

seems like QB, then OL, then WR are biggest needs consistently. And the areas we consistently struggle in recruiting/developing. My guess it is a combination of system, location and awareness. Thankfully as Utah has consistently been more on the national radar hopefully awareness improves.

Welcome to the club! I posted the same thing in the recruiting thread on Dec 10, and I am sure I was not the first to notice this.

I agree - all three areas need help. But when I see a Ute QB time to throw the ball all these issues seem less severe. Hell, give Bentley time and he’s a rock star