So what Happens now? How to win the PAC and send off UCLA/USC with salty tears

I imagine UCLA needs to loose to USC and USC and UCLA have to loose once again, while we have to win out? I don’t really understand these things as I probably should.

No one needs to lose (not loose) for Utah to make the Pac-12 Championship. There are no more divisions. If Utah wins out, with only 1 conference loss, Utah should make the game. The only potential problem is if there are 3 1-loss teams at the end of the regular season and we have to use tiebreakers to choose which 2 teams go to the Championship.


So is it better for USC to Beat UCLA or for Oregon to loose to UCLA

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For this entire discussion, assume that Utah wins out. If Utah loses another game, then our chances of making the Pac-12 Championship are slim.

  1. UCLA wins all their games. Result: Utah vs. UCLA for Pac-12 Championship.
  2. UCLA loses 2 or more games. Result: Utah versus somebody in the Pac-12 Championship.
  3. UCLA loses exactly 1 game. Result: extremely murky. Utah would have 1 loss. UCLA would have 1 loss, but it’s possible that Oregon or USC also have 1 loss leading to a 3-way tie where the head-to-head results isn’t the first tiebreaker because each team has lost to 1 other team in the 3-way tie and beat the other team in the 3-way tie.

So, I don’t know if it’s better for you to root for UCLA or Oregon. I suppose that depends on whether or not you think UCLA is capable of running the table.


Dunno, but how about they all lose?

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I worry that UCLA can win out, so I hope the rivalry between the L.A. schools will motivate USC to play inspired ball.

That said, I worry about the new rule that the PAC can pick the team “best representing the conference” to be in the finals if all 3 happen to be even in the south at the end of regular play.
What irony for the Utes to be overlooked by the very team’s who absconed their loyalty to the confrence.
But I’m ahead of my skis here. We have to win out while looking good doing it.



I’ll reply with a link to an article I found on KSL. Seems that PAC12 may be happy with us beating USC.