So what constitutes improvement for the basketball team?

I’ve no idea how they fare against ASU today I’m expecting a 10-16 point loss
Some things you can count on today. The announcers will drone on about how Larry exceeds exoectations has one if the four youngest teams in D1 hoops, has 12 new faces , the team will start out slow get down 15-25 poiinta early and eventually close the gap so it’s not so lopsided

Those are all valid points you make. With a team this young you just have to sit back and see what happens.

My concern is the revolving door of players. 12 new players appears to be indicative of deeper issues. Tillman would’ve been a starter. Likely Jayce Johnson as welll. Certainly wouldn’t have been any worse then the bigs we have.
I’m going to set the O/U at 15 fir the number of times we heat Larry exceeds preseason predictions
Same for mentions about the youth of the team


with the issues Tillman has had at UNLV, I can see why both parties went their separate ways. Jayce would have helped this team a little bit, but probably not enough to have turned any losses to wins.

I’ve braced myself, this team might not win on the road in conference.

I watched UNLV play and Tilman was not as good as he was as a freshman here, but I wish we had him provided his head is in the right place. Johnson is not lighting it up, maybe a bit in front of Carlson. I don’t like loosing starters even when they lose there spot, but that is not 100%. The serious thing we need is a big guy in the paint that is comfortable. Currently, there is not one coming next year so the 3 we have need to develop.

Anybody missing Jayce Johnson isn’t paying attention. We are definitely ahead when it comes to the post.


Both those guys would have helped this team a lot, in ability and experience. We’re getting killed by our inability to defend the middle, and Jayce always did a decent job with that.

I have no problem with commentators pointing out things that are true. Larry has exceeded expectations nearly every season, and he may do it again this year. We certainly are a very young team. I’m not bothered by hearing those things.

This just isn’t true. We have no post presence offensively or defensively. Jayce was better on the defensive end than the offensive end, but he is someone you can post up every once in a while to keep the defense honest. We don’t have anyone to give it to now.

I think our lack of a post presence is our biggest liability on offense and on defense. Teams are abusing us down there, and we are unable to get space when we have the ball because we have no post threats.

I love Carlson’s potential, but I can count on one hand the number of times we’ve fed him in the post this season. And any team with an offensive big man is going hard after Carlson from the tip.


Not great numbers so far this year.

Not to mention he’s UP to 43.3% from the free throw line.


False, that’s not our problem!!! We don’t get Carlson the ball in the paint. Tonight TA gets 18 points on 33% field goal percentage and Carlson gets 7 points on 60%. Do the math Larry and feed your bigs. Timmy is a James Harden that can’t shoot outside of 12 feet, is decent from the line, and is the most “reluctant” passer on the team. Timmy gets his stats, but we lose…again! Where is the damn coaching???


Most of the game we looked lost. Timmy looked like the only player who could create, but even he seemed incredibly tentative. I’m looking forward to hearing the excuses next season about why we suck.