So there's some smoke about Urban apparently having an inappropriate relationship that lead to him stepping down?

Not sure if the reference is to Florida or tOSU, but the story is that Urban faked his health concerns after sleeping with a booster’s daughter and getting caught. Anyone heard about this?

Well, if he really did sleep with a booster’s daughter, he probably did have health concerns. I’m sure the guy owned a shotgun or two.


Are there any articles to support this claim?


The shenanigans happening at Florida and tOSU with the players alone would create enough stress to kill a herd of whales. That was all documented.

This other stuff is heresay.


Hmm. Jerry Pimm revisited.



I’ll tell you what I was told in 1883 about Jerry Pimm by both Arnie Ferrin, who was then the AD, and R. J. Snow, who was then the vice president for university relations, responsible for athletics.

Jerry had not recruited well for two or three years. He also had a scandal in which he hired the father of a prized recruit who committed to the University. The guy was a high school coach somewhere. When the kid decided to go somewhere else, the offer to his dad was rescinded. I think the father had already quit his job and perhaps made arrangements to move to Salt Lake. There was a threat of legal action, and the University had to pay the dad coach a monetary settlement. It was ugly.

After the upset win against UCLA in the 1983 round of 32, Jerry came to Arnie and R.J., asking for a new contract, apparently thinking that the UCLA win would give him the momentum to deserve one. He was told no. Jerry then took the job at UC Santa Barbara. So things had deteriorated by that time. I’ve never heard anything about any personal scandal.

I have some friends who are friends of the Meyers from their time here in SLC and from what I heard I’d be really skeptical about this story. My impression was the health concerns were real.

There’s no need to drag up past skeletons, and I shouldn’t have posted my comment in the first place. The Urban story just brought up memories. Suffice it to say, that there was a “situation.” I could take this offline . . .

I used to live in Georgia next to a Florida booster. It wasn’t a secret they wanted him out in Gainesville

Urb had an infidelity issue during his stint here. Suffice to say, he’s a very gifted but problematic person.

Of course Florida boosters wanted him gone after only winning two national championships within a few years.

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LOL! So true.