So the pentagon released videos of UFOs today

I don’t even really know how to process this. Harry Reid says it barely scratches the surface.
(No political commentary. I’m only posting because Reid was involved in funding military projects that investigated UFOs)

That’s interesting to hear experienced combat pilots with their voices registering an octave above normal.

I don’t know what to think of it either. Although I do find it interesting, well the subject. I lean to the Fermi Paradox on life in the Universe. Even with that I’m not 100% certain he was 100% correct. An interesting thought experiment at least.

Within a short time period of about a decade, human population went from virtually nobody carrying a video camera around to 5.25 billion people in the world who have a high quality video camera on their person at all times.

Yet we didn’t see a real spike in footage of UFOs.

I want to believe in extraterrestrial UFOs but the fact that there seems to be just as many videos of ufos from the 90s and early 00s as there are now does not make it possible for me to rationalize that they’re out there.

No UFOs, speed of light is too slow. It takes over five hours for light from the sun to reach Uranus. Now we know that is why they say it’s “where the sun don’t shine.”

I have a close relative who works for the Air Force at high levels. He says this is real, the Air Force cannot explain it, and they don’t know what to make of it.


Maybe I should say no alien lifeforms visiting earth.

Does he know of other sightings that aren’t now public knowledge? If these three videos are the best known footage, I’m disappointed.

Maybe they are looking for some extinct whale species we will need to time travel back to get. :wink:


Check out Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind on Prime. Some of it requires advanced physics degrees to follow along but largely a mind blowing documentary.

Thank you. I will watch this and pause and read about the physics if I don’t understand.

I understood about 4% of it and still enjoyed.

i’ve started watching it. Got about 30min into it and had to turn off. Struck me as too far fetched.

I’m two minutes into this and there’s already a big flaw in logic: UFOs don’t necessarily have occupants. In fact, it’s much more likely they don’t. What percentage of the spacecraft that we’ve sent into space have occupants?

Can make and send a much smaller projectile without life support systems

The new documentary The Phenomenon is pretty shocking

I had never heard of the school children in Zimbabwe who all reported seeing an alien craft land and an alien get out and communicate with them.

Either they’re all telling the truth or they’re all lying and have the same story and stand by their story 25 years later. Either way it’s crazy.