So it's come to this

You removed my post. This site was fun years ago but apparently all the trump followers are here. Now it’s a joke. (Mod Edit - political posts go in politics)

Come on now, IU. From my previous post, you know I’m anti-IQ45, and UFN, to me, is not pro-IQ45 even if there are a few here. Most of them are over at the Hub. Your thread was removed because it wasn’t in Politics. The Nazi-wanna-be can kiss my a$$, but let’s keep this place fun and about Utes in non-politics categories – cool?


Just post your sentiments in one of the various anti-Trump threads and I’ll bet it doesn’t get removed. There’s hundreds like it that were never removed. It’s a clear political post.


Your post didn’t get removed. It got moved to the Politics category, which is hidden by default (you have to actively opt into that category).

Given the general political leanings of the board, that’s actually rather hilarious. Something you’d know if you bothered to actually take a moment to learn about how the new board format works, instead of coming in scorched earth.

We also tend to have a bit more constructive political dialog than discussing shotguns to the face. Check the Politics category, and you might find that out.

Just my $.02 before this gets locked and/or moved to politics.


I moved your post to the politics and war category where it belongs, not football. All political posts pro or anti trump will be moved to that category. People who want to talk football don’t want that crap mixed in with it.

P&W is also a category available only to donors (which I’ve often thought seems strangely reversed - maybe we’d get more donors to NOT have it).


Thank you.


It’s a free site that you don’t have to visit and that owes you nothing, quit your bitching and start your own site if you don’t like this one. Why are you still here, is it just to cry about it?


This site is full of Trump supporters? I frequent a few Ute boards (stay FAR away from the political discussions/categories) but feel that this one of the more liberal boards (at least that is what others are saying about this board).

But in any case, I just want to be with other Utah fans both in the stadium/arena and online. Going to be rubbing shoulders with people from different backgrounds than mine, but as long as we all sing “Utah man/fan” and shout GO UTES at the end, it’s all good to me.


I’ve started shopping for a Subaru. I’m basically a communist at this point.


For the record, the original post was complaining about someone wearing a political shirt to a Utah Football game. The poster complained he didn’t want politics when he was trying to enjoy football… so he posted a political post in the football category. I enjoyed that.


Communist or socialist?

A bama fan shopping for a Subaru…I wish you and your family only the best of luck.

I’m more of a classic liberal.

New South is real.

Gotta say I love some of the South and we’ve thought of moving to certain places… the hic up is always… well you know.

I must say, I’ve been traveling to Nashville and surrounding area for work the last 5 years - Wow, what a cultural change.

I live about 40 minutes from downtown Nashville. There is a big divide between Tourist Nashville and Normal Nashville. Personally, I like Atlanta, Memphis, and New Orleans if I had to choose. Then again I’m probably moving back to LA or somewhere west once my kid graduates HS.

I also love Memphis… The historic significance of that place is so important and interesting. The vib feels real authentic. I’ve been there now three times and always leave more intrigued. People ask me why I like it so much and it’s hard to put in words. I found Beale street cool in the most unassuming way and the conversations i’ve had with locals has always been enjoyably fascinating. I have no idea what the suburbs of Memphis are like but the city ranks as on of my favorites for not the usual reasons.

I always tell people that places like Memphis, New Orleans, Atlanta, and even Birmingham are so rich in culture it’s what most of the nation really is missing. I always encourage people to check out the Nashville Music Scene but don’t forget Memphis, Muscle Shoals, Alabama, and then drive down the blues highways of Mississippi and then end the trip in New Orleans. You will find where most of the American musical culture comes from. Muscle Shoals is special to me because of the studios. The fact you can sit in a room that Jason Isbell still writes his albums and know it was the exact spot the Allman Brothers Band was created is wild. Not to mention all the other music created in the actual studios. Whoo Boy.

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Can’t give this post enough stars for the Muscle Shoals and Allman Brothers reference.

BTW - last Friday was the 50th anniversary of Duane Allman’s death - I had text messages from two guys I played in bands with in High School, one referring to it as Black Friday.

People need to realize a bunch of country white boys from Alabama gave Aretha Franklin her first hit and then helped Etta James etc. In the middle of the worst racial tensions, they all came together to build American music. This is the whole movie: