So….is Rising our punter?

Really don’t like how exciting the punt play has become…

Michael Williams (ASU transfer) got the only punt against Stanford, so I reckon he’s the punter going forward. Unless it’s near or just past midfield and we’ll go with rising some more

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@Narfute you beat me by 60 seconds. Correct Williams was the punter as well as the placeholder for kicks.

The pooch punt works when it is unexpected. It’s a gimmick. It worked vs UCLA because the Utes hadn’t shown it before, so UCLA had not prepared for it.

Now that it’s on film it won’t be as effective.

But it’s a good setup because if they see this and put someone back there, then maybe the numbers are in our favor, Rising reads it, and they audible to RPO. But then they screw it up with a bad snap over the head and actually give extra yards lol.

I’m not sure I agree. Todd Graham pulled this off all the time. When a team has their offense on the field, the opponent can’t just send in their punt return unit and hope that it’s really a punt. The moment you do that, it won’t be a punt, and you’ll give them an easy first down. It might even be a big gain because everyone is out of position.