So if you're not good enough, it's religious discrimination, right?

The victim complex is alive and well down south. I don’t see that ever changing. I do find it interesting that they tout incessantly about their acceptance rates (which aren’t even that low) but yet, when the shoe is on the other foot, there’s got to be something wrong. SMH…

smh, and sigh. I’ll just leave it at that.


I especially love the guy explaining why it might happen (i.e. Med school gets a ton of applications from people with identical LDS backgrounds and qualifications, and decides to only take a few in order to get a more diverse - but no less qualified - student body) only to be met with “NUH UH…IT’S ANTI-LDS DISCRIMINATION”.

I would think such an intense and constant persecution complex would be exhausting, but what do I know?

Thoughts and prayers, Zoobs.


I’d say this is a new thing, but it’s been going on for decades. If things don’t go their way, they whine.


Can someone direct me to the mind bleach?

Also can someone direct that poor delusional soul to the artisan cheese section in Macy’s in Orem? They definitely need some to go with that whine.


Nobody tell them that Taylor Randall is LDS.


But he’s one of them damned anti-mormon LDS folks.


He’d have to be, wouldn’t he?


Nope. Here’s the thought process:

  1. We live by a higher, holier standard than the world.
  2. Yet we crave the world’s validation and approval.
  3. Any time we are denied that validation and approval, it’s because they are terrible people who discriminate against us because of our faith.*

*It has nothing to do with how we behave.


I have it on good authority that President Randall poured beer on grandmothers of BYU players. At road games. Last year.

He drank beer at the Notre Dame game with the pope, they laughed at the Leprechaun peeing on children in BYU gear. It was baaaaad.


It’s believable so I’ll believe it.


Better applicants from better schools. No entitlement to stay in-state. Sorry, have to wean yourself and be away from family …

Edit: after reading through some of it, if they have 700 grads applying for 125 spots, of course a lot will be rejected. Even if the U only accepted their students. So natural that with Utah and other in-state schools and seeking out a diverse class (since these doctors will serve a diverse population), numbers don’t add up. But logic … blame it on what they are sensitive on.

Oh, and brilliant comment by one that some white evangelical friends loved getting white LDS males for their residency program. Hmm, thats not a group that usually discriminates … :thinking:


That’s a lot of circular logic, like the spin cycle of my washing machine. :wink:


Religion card, I see. No race card, gotta use something…I suppose. Ha

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Somehow, at The byu, they figured out how to be the best & most moral people on earth while also being the most humble.




This may involve a kind of discrimination that is legitimate.

A long time ago, when I was considering applying to medical school, I asked a professor at the U who had had some role in admissions which way a mission cut. He told me that a mission per se was a neutral factor, but nothing disgusted him more than a returned missionary who was not schooled and conversant in the cultural and natural wonders of his mission field. So, he interviews he would query the applicant about these subjects. (For thousands of years the medical profession has regarded itself as a branch of the humanities as much as science; it wants doctors to be critical thinkers in every way and seek to understand the human condition and nature from every conceivable angle.)

Later, a friend of mine, a U not a BYU student, talked to me about how his interview went. He said it did not go well. He had served a mission in Germany and he said his interviewer asked him who were his favorite German painters. He couldn’t think of one. He guessed Van Gogh. I didn’t tell him he was screwed. (The U did indeed reject him but he got in at a more expensive out of state school and has had a good career as a surgeon.)

I think BYU graduates may be more prone to this kind of “bias.”

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Personally I wouldn’t and don’t put church service down on any application. Mostly because you don’t know how that’ll be perceived - particularly in Utah, and that isn’t why I do the service.

Plus missionaries spend a majority of their time among the poor and impoverished - it’s a different cultural experience that you’ll never get in a museum, week long vacation or my personal favorite - poverty tourism.

Pretty stupid criteria from the professor to be honest. And it has nothing to do with my thoughts on missionary work, more just a stupid, non-applicable criteria and a meaningless hoop to jump through. Maybe a better question, if humanities really is an emphasis, would be about their interests lie regarding literature, language and the arts.


(I’ll jump in, though I’m unqualified to really answer, but respect people who take 2 years to contribute to something bigger than themselves. Disclaimer: I stole that point from Ted Kennedy, but it applies, no matter your persuasion on the subject matter.)

Asking about culture in a country? Rocker is right - these folks don’t have time to consider the finer points of a country’s culture. No chance.

But I think an open-ended question about what the experience was like may reveal the level of curiosity in the person, the capacity to work hard, observing human nature, empathy, etc.

Curiosity is a major ingredient in learning, improvement, research, science, etc.

Lasso / Whitman / (whoever): “Be curious, not judgmental


As BYU does not have much of a Lib Ed requirement for undergraduate degrees, there is not a lot of world culture, art history, or philosophy taught. What is taught has an overall right slant to it.

Any college with liberal arts roots are going to be a place where a BYU graduate is going to run into trouble getting into a graduate program.

All I can say is this is why places like Baylor and ORU exist (which for the record Baylor also requires more liberal arts exposure than BYU).