So does a trump comment go in Misc? (Answer: no)

Don’t want to step on any toes

I think the plan was politics and religion categories would be available behind a donor wall. Putting it in Misc would defeat that purpose. @RockerUte?


Yeah, no politics in the champagne room.


Sincere thanks. :pray:


As a libertarian, I am keenly aware that incentives have consequences. So am I to assume your goal is to discourage donations? :smiley:

As you know, often the government taxes a certain activity to discourage that activity, and sometimes to make the activity pay for itself. :money_mouth_face: (I kid.)

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You donate to gain the choice - and then choose to reject it. Actually even after donating the politics and religion categories are muted, thus opt-in.

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Yeah, I was just goofing. But I’m over all things politics, so I will donate as I have previously, but I think I will decline to opt in.

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By the way, no pressure to anyone to donate - it is very appreciated of course, but I don’t want people to feel like I’m shilling for donations or anything. This has been a labor of love and hopefully putting UFN on better footing for the long term and a place that I hope is welcoming to all - whatever that turns out to be.