So depressing

I have been depressed all day long because of Friday’s loss. I realize I get so invested in my teams (like my beloved Dodgers and Syracuse Orange), I generally avoid ESPN for a week because I just can’t bear to hear about how other schools are doing.

It’s so difficult to get to even sniff the CFP, and I worry that this may be our only chance for 10 years or more. I can’t even imagine what the players are feeling.

I graduated from Utah possibly before many of your parents were born, and this is the closest we’ve come. What I’m hoping is that 2019 is the start of something big. But we’re not Alabama or Ohio State, so probably not.

I snapped out of it today.

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I have been doing my best to not think about it. I haven’t gotten that wrapped up in the outcome of a game in quite a while, but the chance of a CFP berth got me kinda riled up. Hadn’t thought much about it today until I saw the CFP teams. That stung a bit, not gonna lie. Just sucks, because we likely don’t have an opportunity like that for quite a while, and unfortunately Utah’s collapse may affect their chances in the future (as unfair as that would be).


Two years and we’ll be knocking on Pac-12 championship’s door again. You heard it here first.


Love the optimizum

Sayz the oldezt guy on utefanz.


We didn’t have it when we needed it.
We need to find it for our worthy opponent


I’m the oldest by far. I’m using a typewriter to enter this comment after faxing it to Rocker.


Not only am I old I have fat fingers.


I’m back to the same old malaise, basically feeling like you can’t get a break if you are out west. This doesn’t excuse us falling on our face on National TV, however I’m so annoyed at all the teams (mostly Big 10, and a few SEC) that are ranked below us but get better bowls. I know it’s about choice and money, and people just won’t bank on Utah fans traveling to a bowl out east, but just sucks having such a good season and end up playing an unranked 7 win team.

■■■■ it! Let’s win this and develop next year’s starters


That wasn’t a grammar error. Optimizum is his Alzheimer medication. it helps restore memory loss but only the good memories.

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