So based on the daily scroll from MSN, what is your favorite spy movie

They chose the best 100, but to me some are clearly a reach to be in this category (like Stalag 17), but from their list I would say “The Hunt for Red October” would be my favorite from that list.

“The Man Who Never Was”

It’s about Operation Mincemeat, a 1943 British intelligence plan to deceive the Axis powers into thinking the Allied invasion of Sicily would take place elsewhere in the Mediterranean.

“Imitation Game” and “Black Book” were also personal favorites.

The Hunt for Red October is a favorite. Does The Bourne Identity count? That really was a fantastic movie. I do love most of the Bond movies too.

Top Secret.

(kidding…sort of)

My favorite:

The Lives of Others (German film from 2006)

Runners up:

The Lady Vanishes
North By Northwest
The Conversation
The Third Man

Recent sleepers:

Atomic Blonde


The Good Shepherd
The Numbers Game
Safe House

Yep, on their list

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My one issue with the list was they left off great movies like that one.

So many; I’d probably go with North by Northwest. And though not serious, I still love the first three Sean Connery Bond films. And Three Days of the Condor is great.

I liked “Clear And Present Danger.” “Red October” is a close second.

Spies Like Us. “Doctor, Doctor; Doctor, Doctor; Doctor, Doctor; Doctor, Doctor; Doctor, Doctor.”

Spy Game with Robert Redford and Brad Pitt is one of my favorites.

Bridge of Spies with Tom Hanks was great as well.

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And then Bob Hope shows up. “Doctor. Doctor. Glad I’m not sick.”

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