So after the Supreme Court decision on paying athletes, now what?

I heard Spence Checketts say a few days ago that he has 2 reactions to the change in amateur status. First, he knew it was inevitable and needed to happen; second, he was scared about what it would mean. I feel the same way.

Will USC coaches tell recruits, “I can’t promise anything but I’m sure our alums at places like Paramount will have some really exciting opportunities for you”? What role will Nike now play at Oregon? What can the U. do to compete? Will players now have agents? Will a ton of new rules emerge, requiring athletic departments to double their compliance staffs? It’s going to be interesting.

Yep I had similar questions. Like how many new rules are there going to be so that it is impossible for an athlete to not be compliant. This is going to be a mess and it’s going to take some time to sort things out.

I would also like to add that the comments made by Reggie Bush and Nick Emery are ridiculous. Just because the rule changed after the fact does not mean anything should change for their situation in the past.


Yeah, this will be interesting to watch. I wonder if the NCAA will sign minor league agreements with NFL and NBA, perhaps MLB.

Alabama QB nearing $1MM in endorsements; according to Saban.

This is fine.

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Sure seems to give quite an unfair advantage, but I think I understand it.

So, it’s okay to treat these pros as pros now, right? “Darryllll, Darrrrryyyllll”

Isn’t it ridiculous to require that this guy maintain certain grades or even enroll in any classes? He’s a minor league football player now.

Eh. Players have always been paid. As long as there are limits on initials and overall scholarship and number of walkons nothing will change. Alabama and Ohio State will be 1 and 2. Teams 3-10 will be in fancy places like Oregon and USC. And the rest of us will fight for the scraps. Just like it has always been.

This is not true.

It is true that Bama will stay on top. It’s possible that they widen the gap.

How does that translate? Instead of 6 titles in 12 we get 9 in 12? Thanks for taking my call, I’ll hang up and listen.

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The NFL ought to be making payments to the schools for operating their minor league program. With that said…

All NIL did was make what was once invisible, visible. Now the kids don’t need to work on getting all sneaky to create their money (Tyrell Pryor). They don’t need to have “structured concealment” (Cam Newton and Reggie Bush). They don’t need “wardrobe accessories” (Like every TDS Bballer over the last decade). Yes, the money is going to come with a helluva sticker shock factor. Just remember - it was already there at a lot of schools. Booster creativity knew no bounds. At least now those getting paid will get to do something they never had to do before…

Pay taxes.


You don’t think Alabama will be able to make more use of these compensation changes than most other programs?

Have you been to Alabama? We don’t have the companies that have the $ like Texas, Ohio State, Oregon etc. Sure, we will do well but I don’t think this is particularly a plus for Alabama. Heck, Georgia, Texas A&M, and Florida have deeper pockets. If anyone can figure it out though it will be Coach Saban.

I’m not too worried about it though. I don’t think this will be as big a factor since most players (4* and 5*) are more focused on the real money in the NFL.

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Just a thought but I think there will also be a shift in where the money from traditional donors will go. With NIL, I think we’ll start seeing more money go directly to the student athlete and less money being donated to the school for facilities and “extra curriculars” etc…

I don’t think this happens. This is a new revenue stream in many regards. Some people will divert their ad budgets from less productive sources for these endorsements. If I have an ad budget and I am giving the university 25% of it why wouldn’t I pull from my Radio, TV or Online presence for endorsements that can run across all ad platforms?

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I agree about the NFL, although their raiding college age talent isn’t as blatant at the NBA. I’ve said this before, have the NBA pay for and treat the NCAA BBall programs as it’s minor league, and do it like MLB does. High Schooler gets drafted, but chooses instead to go to school, that player has to stay w/e the length of time it is that MLB has before that player can be drafted again. The NFL doing that won’t be as easy due to the more physical nature of the game, but the idea of NFL subsidizing the NCAA programs a la a minor league has merit IMO.


Really? Players haven’t received funds for their athletic prowess? Cam Newton’s family just magically found money? They haven’t been paid this widespread, and they haven’t been paid above the table, but they’ve been paid. Hell, even BYU players were getting Jetta’s and the such.

Your last sentence is the key. Sure a kid may take money to walk on at Oregon or USC, but once a season passes and he has no shot at the field, he will realize no playing time = no NFL. That is where the real money will always be. And they will transfer.

This means Utah will have to recruit their asses off out of high school to forge relationships that may not bear fruit until that same kid hits the transfer portal a year or two later.

Quinn is rated as high as Trevor Lawrence coming out. It makes zero sense for him not to move on and start learning the system while making cash and gaining credit hours. The “Senior year of football” matters to Ted Bundy not blue Chip prospects.

This is like when soccer kids sign pro deals instead of playing in HS

Of course Ted had other proclivities to satiate…in the States of Washington, Utah, Colorado, and Florida.

Al, on the other hand, only had HS football glory.

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