So a couple of questions

First is there any way to get help while navigating the site. I saw the email for site critical issues, but there I times when I have a simple question it might be nice to get a quick answer.

Second, is there any way to pull our old logos over from the other site.

I had to just upload a new logo, same as the old logo.

The problem is that logo was saved on an old computer and I’m about three systems removed from being able to find it.

I had to recreate (that is snip a new jpg). It’s a cruel life sometimes. :wink:

Yea, I tried that but couldn’t make it work.

I copied mine from the old site (which you can still visit) then pasted it in here. Pretty low-tech but it worked.

There is some kind of issue with that, I tried, but couldn’t make it work.

It appears being stubborn and persistent has it’s advantages.

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Yes it does! Welcome again. It is so nice to see that avatar again.