Smaller and/or slighter defenders down in the blocks should force the issue when battling for position

With Carlson out (?) Jantunen and a couple other Utes were being bumped back quite a bit vs SUSU. It seems in those situations defenders should really force the issue, anticipating the offensive players backward movement toward the basket with a close to but slightly less forceful simultaneous defensive bump, thereby forcing the referees to at least acknowledge that the offensive players movement/liberty is out of control. Ratchet up the situation with with each new instance, a virtual war for a spot on the floor, i.e., like hell I’m going to surrender my position to you. This scenario happened in a couple games I played in in high school, full on fighting for position down low, the referees were forced to acknowledge they had given to much carte blanche freedom to the bigger and heavier offensive player.

It’s a matter of strength. The SDSU seniors had a couple more years in the weight room than the Ute freshmen. That problem will go away as the Utes get physically stronger.