SL Trib: Trouble in Provo with NIL sponsors not paying up

Basically, some sponsors aren’t paying the byu football players the way they had promised.

I thought the NIL and transfer portal was going the be a boost for byu in the B12. I figured they were going to fall behind other B12 teams if they had to rely on high school recruiting. With the NIL they would be able to bring in 6 or 7 transfers every year that would help them be more competitive. If these NIL deals aren’t what it appears then they may end up losing out on some of the experienced transfers.

Anyway, this is just more proof of Hod’s claim that they are cheap whiney bastards.

Hod’s very funny insight keeps being validated by… well… reality.

It’s not the best look for key players to assert the NIL sponsor hasn’t lived up to their commitment, while Built Bar angrily objects.

We recruit against them less and less over time, but this is one to save.


Interesting but not surprising. East Provo has been good at talking over the last decade and a half. Unfortunate for them, the consistent under delivery seems to be coming back to haunt them. It explains why they seem to lose more players than they gain via the portal.

Needless to say, it is going to be a LLLLOOOONNNNGGGG season in Provo this fall.


They just need to be patient and give the NIL cooperative a little time to get their downline established.