Since it seems we had fun with a food and drink post last week

I’m cooking up some Chicken breasts boiled in BBQ sauce, then glazed in the oven.
Country Potato Salad
Baked Beans with bacon (or is it bacon with baked beans)
Corn on the cob

What’s the drink du jour for this?

Bourbon Lemonade with a little orange pekoe (sp) ice tea

I tried corn on the cob on the barbecue on Mother’s day. Wow, were they great and the easiest thing I have ever done on the que!.


Dr Pepper Cream Soda.

Waiting to cool a bit to eat.

Scoop of vanilla, scoop of chocolate; Don’t waste my time.

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But aren’t we all just wasting time right now? :wink:


Real Sugar Mountain Dew

I um…uh…wow…

Dat ■■■■ is crazy!!!

Seems like most people have very strong feelings about Cafe Rio. I enjoy it, always have, always will.