Since I can't see, I am going to start it...Utah-WSU final score

Our enthusiasm is waning, I get it. Tomorrow at 3pm, will the Utes be 1-3 or 2-2? That is the question. Will a new, improved Utah take the field, or not. Did Charlie Brewer quit the Utes or did the Utes quit Charlie Brewer.

I’m going with 38-17, Utah.

34-24 utes

31 Utes 21 Cow-tipper’s


Utes 34, WSU 17

Utah 21 WSU 14

I love your optimism, but I’ll predict (and be very happy with) 28-17 Utah.

33-17 Utah over Wazzu.


Utah 27 WSU 20. USC has thoroughbreds at WR who simply ran past the WSU defense. Utah has not shown the ability to get over the top on anyone and until they do, I don’t see many explosive plays that will get the point total over 30.

31-17 Utes

28-17 Utah

Utah 24, Wash St 14. They’ll make us nervous, but we’ll win and get more confidence.


17-10 utes

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I think Utah is in serious trouble this year. I don’t think we’re going to have a good one. Losing to Provo Tech was just a symptom.

Wazzu 42 Utah 17

Utes - 27
Wa. State - 24

You’re looking good today!

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Whoa! Defense came to life big time!

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Winner both is score and word.


I’d be remiss if I didn’t thank Clark Phillips III for this award. :grin: