Since 2011 when UTAH joined the PAC 12

No Pac 12 team has had an undefeated regular season. Oregon has one in 2010 and lost in the NC game. Before that USC did in 2004.

10-1 is looking damn amazing for this conference right now. We stay focused and get to 11-1 and we are in some fine company. It’s a great reminder that we earned our place at the table.

Why does our conference get the label “weak” when SOS and conference scheduling clearly says otherwise?

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My guess is because of all the “PAC-12 After Dark” games. It’s a PITA for us to stay up til 1 or 2 in the morning to watch a 10pm EST kickoff. Well it’s a PITA if you have to get up early the following morning, but the next day is usually wonky due to the hours.

Even after being here in NC for 7+ years, and our Utes in the PAC 12 for 10 or so I still hear that the Utes don’t belong with the “big boys”. Then I watch Clemson stroll through the ACC and have zero OOC games worth a crap. Same with most SEC teams on the OOC.

Ok, I’ll get off the soap box. The East Coast and SEC bias is strong here on the eastern seaboard.


Unfortunately, the P12 isn’t doing itself any favors with reversing the “P12 is weak” narrative when it regularly loses to MWC teams and has a piss poor bowl record. There are some good teams in the conference, and it’s hard to play 9 P5 teams every year, but the conference needs to be better OOC.

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Correct. Imagine if USC hadn’t crapped the bed against BYU, or Oregon hadn’t gone to sleep against Auburn. It’s a whole different narrative.