Sigh, (shakes head) KSL sports you're drunk

Pitch: Utah Should Make A Move To The Big 12; Bring BYU Along - KSL Sports?

The only compelling part of this article is the incredible persistence of BYU’s delusion.

Even if Utah or the Big12 was interested in such a move, why the hell would byu be included in the deal?


Shameless appeal to try to get byu-provo into a league.


[quote=bringing along BYU, the rivalry could finally get back to its rightful spot as the final game of the regular season.[/quote]

THis still makes me laugh. " the rightful spot" I would wager more fans would rather have 0 games with them.

What is really funny is how much TDS fans think the appeal of the pac12 for UTah is only football. Athletics is an important part but the academics and reputation from being in the conference of champions is a a much bigger reason to be affiliated. THe big 12 does not have that.

Also we have already dealt with prima donnas that think they run the conference. WE dont need a repeat with Texas.

There are no truck stops in the pac.


Lol pure zoob fantasy there. It took a few rambling paragraphs regurgitating Wilner-esque Pac12 revenue stuff, but they ultimately got to the their whole reason for the article:

The Utes should also strongly encourage the league to bring BYU along as a package deal…

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


I looked Jeremy Mauss up. He’s a Utah grad. :flushed:

I half expected to see Dick Harmon as the author of that piece.


KSL and the D-News seem to be offering more & more articles designed to get clicks, not anything resembling actual reporting.

There’s something behind that, not sure what it is. Are they getting some bottom line pressure?


Utah is staying in the PAC. East Provo is staying Indy because no P5 wants their BS.

It is the order of things.


There are a million reasons why the PAC is better for Utah than the Big 12. Aside from maybe Austin, who on earth wants to travel to any Big 12 city?


BYU’s stock is never going to be higher than right now. A nearly undefeated season in football, an NCAA Tournament in basketball and a probable #2 draft pick in the NFL. But this IS as good as it gets for them and was seriously aided by a pandemic. BYU isn’t going anywhere.


Can his degree be rescinded?


Unfortunately this is how most of media works today… gotta get them clicks. I don’t fault the guy, I am glad he has figured out how to make it in the Utah media market—get both Utah and BYU fans to read your article.

Many of their writers, such as this guy, aren’t employees. They’re freelance amateurs. The DNews has done this for a few years as the newspaper business model has eroded.

They rely on articles like this to get hits on their website to get them revenue. And, sites like ours play right into that


He’s not in the Utah media market.

The DNews/KSL use a lot do amateur “contributors” these days to provide content, but they’re not actual journalists.

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The Stockyards in Fort Worth is a nice visit. But your point is valid.


I read it too. Like you I had to wonder about the BYU aspect. Why drag BYU along if suck a move were made? IMO it struck me as trying to make BYU relevant by globbing them onto us.

Overall I found the idea of Utah to Big 12 as an interesting thought experiment, but mostly irrelevant in practice.

Ya they’re up grading their stadium. New score board and video ring big time.

The closest thing to a ring that football team will ever see.


It will be nice to do our annual “ending of their season.”

Reminding them their last season was a :cupcake::cupcake::cupcake::cupcake: fest will be hilarious.