Sidney Portier has passed away

Great actor and person. He was in one of my all time favorite films. “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner”. Three giants were in that film. Portier, Spencer Tracy, Katherine Hepburn. It’s one of those films that I think everyone should see.

One movie of his, in particular sticks out to me, “To Sir, With Love”.

I may have to watch both movies this weekend.

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I’ve always loved his performance in, “In the Heat of the Night.” He and Rod Steiger really played off each other well. While Steiger as the Police Chief jabs at him with, “How does a boy like you earn this kind of money, Virgil,” Portier’s response of, “I’m a police officer!” was one of the great lines in the movie. Immediately after Steiger’s character rips his officers for not bothering to question Portier first.

Great film.

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I also really liked “A Patch of Blue”, “The Defiant Ones”, and “Lilies of the Field”

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