"Shucked" did anyone here see it?

I go to Broadway a couple of times a year with my wife and daughter. I know “Shucked” was at Pioneer Theater (a place I need to still visit). Did anyone see it? If you did, any good?

LOL. You uncultured swine.

Guess I’m the only one who goes to local theater. Well, you guys had a hit show preview in SLC that was songs written by folks in Nashville (Musicians like Kacey Musgraves and Reba) and the book/script by the writer of “Designing Women.”

This is a cool line from the article, “When SHUCKED opened on Broadway last week, it marked the first time a musical that tried out in Utah made it to the big time.”

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There seems to be a pattern developing with the Eccles Theater and off Broadway traveling shows. We seem to get 2 to 3 of those mixed in with the traveling on Broadway shows.

Given the enormous cost to build and operate, it’s good to see the Theater getting used productively.

Yeah, the shows that get test run are hit or miss but also pretty cool to see because you never know what will be a hit. Plus, I hear Simmons Pioneer Memorial Theatre is pretty nice inside.

PMT is a really great facility on the Utah Campus. When I was taking my theater classes as a part of my Lib Ed requirements, I inevitably ended up going to a couple of shows at PMT each year. When they built the new Theater building, they added a lot of space for experimental theater and black box space for rehearsals. PMT’s stage can handle scaled down Broadway productions, but not full shows. It is why Salt Lake County spent $50 million building the Eccles Theater downtown.

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What’s funny is “scaled down” is the “it thing” on Broadway right now. Not many elaborate sets. Kinda sucks really. Works for some shows but not all.

We have season PMT Tix and Shucked was the best show we’ve seen this season. It’s fun and corny but we enjoyed the cast and the music ain’t bad.


So, I finally saw it in NYC and you’re not wrong. Solid music and the book was great. Robert Horn is a great writer and we had a chance to sit and chat after the show. I loved what he did with Designing Women back in the day. This def had a throwback to “Hee Haw” in the style of the jokes.