Show idea for P12 Network

I love traveling and seeing the USA. One of the best things about the SEC Network is a show done by the head of the organization I belong to called “The Southern Foodways Alliance,” John T. Edge. He wrote a great book called “The Potlikker Papers.” Season 4 starts soon:

Other examples from Southern Foodways Alliance:

I think the footprint of the Pac 12 adding in NM and Nevada could make a great show to expose the nation to the region and the conference. Am I wrong? Should NM and Nevada be included?

Thought this was funny. The series covers a number of Southern habits and quirks in a lighthearted way

The company I most recently worked for, was acquired by another company headquartered in Nashville about 2 years before I left. As a result, I made several trips to Nashville during the last portion of my career including many nights when I had to accompany management to, or entertain clientele, in, the nightlife of Nashville.

I am NOT a prude, but I watched on many occasions and determined that the Bachelorette thing was often completely out of control in that town.

I love New Orleans, and spent a lot of time there in my early career, but apparently missed the more recent developments of it as a Bachelorette destination.

In my experience, the above video is hilarious, probably understated, and a sad commentary.


I love it’s a southern thing but this isn’t what True South is about. It’s more about how the South is influenced by immigration through the foods and how “Southern Food” is a myth in many regards. It’s basically West African food mixed with other populations and how those people helped change the South for the better. It’s a Southern Thing def fills another void. Stuff also like this, dishes you only find in some areas:

I know the west has these dishes and the impact of groups from around the world has made it one of the best regions to eat. To me Southern and Western cultures make this country the best it can be. It also can make it the worst as well.


That’s a beautiful analogy. I think the same attributions apply musically as well. The region is rich with art, character and history: deep roots to cultures with even deeper roots.

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I just spent time (oddly I am in Burley, Idaho so close to SLC) in Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Northern California, Reno area and driving toward Tetons, Yellowstone and Glacier next. People in this country should meet the people in these regions. Southern hospitality isn’t just in the south.

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The show is creeping into the midwest. Really, I want a Pac 12 version of this. Plus, the start of the St. Louis show is perfection.