Shirt for Kosh

Meant for BM
Sorry Kosh

To be clear, I have been OUT of the Nursing Home since July 2019… now starting 7 months later I might as well have been in a PRISON, considering the tinyness of my apt, and me not leaving my building for 6 - 8 weeks sometimes, and not leaving the apt. but once a week to grab mail around 2 am…

I am having fun trying to live out in this massively inflated rental market on nothing but VA and Social Security Disability… I got spoiled by not having my rent raised in my old “Saltine Box” 22 unit apt bldg. I"m now up to nearly 300% of the rent I was paying in mid 2016.

Thanks to bilateral major foot neuropathy that developed near the end of my Nursing HOme stay, I cant walk around very well, and I dont drive or own a vehicle. Life changed drastically as a result. I did make it to 3 games LAST year, but for the 2022 season I started hitting up the CrimsonClub/TIcket office about renewing and they never returned so much as one peep. Strange way to try and retain your people contributing to the ■■■■■■■■■■■■ etc.

I am very grateful for your concern, Absolute… but take that $$ and buy a dinner for someone homeless or very poor off. I think I can handle the shirt cost myself :wink: