Shaw steps down at Stanford

A class act from start to this unfortunate end. I hope he finds a great future opportunity that appreciates him. McMurphy

Wow! I made the mistake of turning on the game after the Huskies win and there was about 3 mins left.
Always rooted for Stanford. Premier institution. Mr Shaw was exempmar of it’s stature.


Stanford will miss Shaw. Recruiting a football team is hard. Recruiting a football team at Stanford is a whole other level of hard. Whoever their next coach is will likely validate that by fielding a dumpster fire.

Best of luck to Shaw in his next chapter.


Well, damn. I hope he does well in his future endeavors. I really like Shaw.


Especially in the era of the open transfer portal and NIL. It’s not that easy for a kid to transfer from Oklahoma to Stanford in the middle of his college years. I suppose that was part of Shaw’s thinking.


I remember his post game comments after we beat them in approx 2013 which I think was one of our first marquee victories in the conference. He was 100% classy, praised us, didn’t blame the refs or any other excuses. He earned my immense respect that night.


Tuiaki has stepped down at BYU. Doesn’t Stanford have a well regarded LDS defensive coordinator?

Yeah, but Stanford’s defense has been pathetic the past two years.

Maybe with the coaching change Stanford will be less successful in getting Utah HS recruits. They’ve poached a lot of good Utah players over the years.