Shaq vs BYU and Shawn Bradley

This popped up on Twitter. Two things. It’s wild how dominant Shaq was his whole life playing hoops. Weirdly, Shaq never got to the Sweet 16 with LSU.

This game against #2 Arizona was his big coming out party:

But as I recall Bradley did take a chunk out someone’s ass with his knee.

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Roger Reid’s game plan was to take it right to Shaq.

And that they did.

I know one of those BYU players.

Years later when Shaq was tearing up the NBA, he talked about when they played LSU, that game.

He said he’d never seen anything like it. He admitted they were stunned at Shaq’s combination of size, length, strength & especially the vertical quickness (for somebody that size).

The term is overused now, but he said “he was a complete freak of nature”.


It’s crazy to think how dominant Shaq & Kareem were on both College and NBA levels.


Perhaps the most amazing thing about this video is that Bill Walton was actually commenting about things that were happening on the court. I had totally forgotten that he used to do that.


He’s a National Treasure.


No. He’s not.

Some people choose violence. Bill chooses enlightenment:

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So…the biggest blunt in America???

JK…that is a lot of sweetgrass for burning.

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