Seriously, screw anybody who went out and bought up all the TP, hand sanitizer, and wet wipes

My daughter’s friend’s mom bought 150 bottles. Whether you’re hoarding it for yourself or to make a profit, you’re a ■■■■ human being. I honestly hope this virus wipes those people out. We don’t need ‘em.

I am a fan of bidets myself, so the toilet paper shortage doesn’t personally affect me, but it still bothers me. I just stopped at store in a town of probably 100 people in eastern Arizona. They had one huge aisle dedicated just to paper towels and toilet paper, and it was completely wiped out. Same with hand sanitizer and wet wipes. The clerk said they just got a delivery a few days ago, but people came in and filled up carts. It’s bothersome too that so many stores still haven’t started rationing items such as these. The stuff is going to sell quickly whether it goes to one person or one hundred people, so dole it out responsibly for crying out loud.

We’ve all heard about the guy who bought up 18,000 bottles of hand sanitizer, but for as much ■■■■ as he got it’s funny to look on OfferUp or craigslist and see numerous people charging $25 and up for half used bottles. One thing about this pandemic, we are getting to see a lot of people’s true colors.