Serious question…

How do you download your tickets into your virtual wallet when you don’t have one?

Asking for a friend.

Did you figure it out? I have a Google phone so I just downloaded Google Pay and put my tickets in there. It worked really slick.

Never did get it to download. At least it would pull up for scanning.

Figure it has to be a data discrepancy between my actual Ticketmaster account and the one the University generated from my data on file.

I will get with them after Labor Day to get it fixed.

I had that same issue, and was terrified my phone would do something bad while waiting in line. Fortunately their website came through and everything worked.

We got to the game a little later than normal and the line to get in on the northeast entrance was bigger than I’ve ever seen it. Also parking was interesting, we had no one checking where we parked.

We found turning the phone to landscape exposed the ‘add to wallet’ button for the iPhone… so a design problem there, but by the time we realized that we were scanning out tickets so couldn’t see if it worked.


That worked. Just downloaded the Washington State Tix.

Just proves to err is human, to drive society totally ■■■■■■■ crazy requires electronic devices. :joy::joy::joy::joy:

From what I understood when I asked the U about it, there really isn’t anything common between a standard Ticketmaster account and your U account aside from the log-in credentials. While the U system is “powered by Ticketmaster,” it isn’t really Ticketmaster. So, if you log onto that account and it is hooked up with your U ticket account page, you should be able to have your log-in work there. I saved the log-in because I’m tired of remembering passwords.

When I transferred tickets last night, even though I had already downloaded my tickets and parking pass to the iPhone wallet, the system still let me send them to the buyer and, I assumed, just voided the stuff I’d put in the wallet.

There was a sign at the front entrance of the Union building advertising positions for parking attendants. They are offering $12/hr, meals for shifts over 6 hours, opportunity for a bonus, and to pay for books for the semester.

I’ve never seen those kind of benefits for a job like this. They must be having a hard time filling positions.