Seen a couple of these posts on twitter

Something is wrong.

I’ve seen Jones and Carlson so far.

Me too. It feels off. I swear if we get news Allen is gone imma lose it.

I dont blame you for the anxiety, but i think they are simply throwing some shade here and nothing more.


Something is wrong… or finally right? Our coach did a great job of turning the program around, possibly by totally lucking out on a couple of NBA hidden gems, but he is clearly in over his head at this point. Can’t get players to stay, players don’t improve like they should, can’t figure things out on the court… He needs to go.

Ultimately, we pay him to get us to the tournament, and he isn’t doing that, so I think he needs to go. But it’s not accurate to say our players don’t improve at Utah. We’ve had a dozen counterexamples of players who have improved a great deal under Larry.


Most of those were at the earliest part of his time here. Poeltl improved dramatically as well as bachynski. I honestly can’t think of others. Delon was the player he was from the beginning. Chapman got worse, loveridge was a mixed bag. Kuzma was clearly held back while in college. Jayce was supposed to be hot stuff and he hardly made any progress. Allen did better but I don’t think he improved his skills in any way. Tillman did not really get better from one year to the next either. Battin has regressed significantly.

I’m curious to find out who your examples are. It’s hard enough thinking of 12 guys that have been in the program and actually gotten playing time for multiple years.

So a player/recruit says he wants to leave = problem. I agree.
Player says he is committed to stay also = problem? Sorry, but that’s a you issue.
All I see are stand up young men sticking up for their teammates, staff, program, and University. What I see is LEADERSHIP. Hats off to Carlson and Jones. GoUtes!


These players all improved in the 2nd (or 3rd/4th) seasons under Larry:

Brandon Taylor
Dakari Tucker
Jordan Loveridge
Dalin Bachynski
Parker Van Dyke
Delon Wright
Jacob Poeltl
Kyle Kuzma
Jayce Johnson
Tyler Rawson
Sedric Barefield
Donnie Tillman
Timmy Allen

There are not many examples of players who did not improve (Gach, Battin, and maybe the German kid…what was his name again?).

Some of these players made small improvements (Wright, Johnson).

A few of these players made HUGE jumps. Kuzma was completely lost and unplayable as a freshman, and as a junior he was 1st team all-Pac12. I don’t know if I’ve seen a Ute improve that dramatically before. Rawson was a mess as a junior. I thought he should just be cut from the team. As a senior, he was a great player.

PVD couldn’t even see the floor for the first few years, but he was great as a senior.

I definitely think peope have improved under Larry. Maybe they haven’t improved enough. Like I said, the bottom line is winning, and we haven’t done enough of that.


I mean, you have the premier Larry success story and classified him as being “held back”. The guy went from unplayable to plus starter to first team all-pac-12 and nba draft pick.

But to answer your question, Parker Van Dyke, Sed Barefield, Ty Rawson, Dave Collette, all improved in their time with larry.


When I said kuzma was held back, I was suggesting that it was the nature of the college game, not necessarily Larry. He DID improve quit a bit. One of two or 3 players that have played for Larry that can make that claim.

You can come up with a handful of examples of guys that have improved (many of the guys you listed improved very little), I can come up with a list of at least 20 guys who have not improved as they should have under Larry.

do it.

Doesn’t look like anything is wrong to me, just players reacting to people calling for his head with all this stuff going on.

Last year’s team: Gach, Battin, Thioune (redshirted and still somehow looked completely lost)
Year before that: Jayce, Morley, Topalovic, Tillman (pretty much the exact same player as the year before), Charles Jones, Gaskin, Collette (you could argue he was better his freshman year at USU. Virtually zero statistical improvement for his whole time at the UofU).
Year before the year before: Caldwell, Seeley, Jokl, Hendrix, Zamora
Year before the year before the year before: Chapman, I. Wright, Tucker (senior season was his worst year by any objective measure), Ogbe. Loveridge improved in some areas, but got worse in others, I am comfortable saying he did not improve over the course of his career under Larry. Mawien

and I’m leaving off a bunch of the scrubs that were emergency filler for all the players who have jumped ship over the years.

It is clear that our talent level has increased year over year, but somehow the results have gotten worse. Take a look at our roster from 2012-13… YIKES! Even the roster the year after was terrible outside of Delon… Like, really, truly awful… Yet that team was better than our recent teams. How is that possible? I think Larry may be burnt out and ready to move on tbh.

My favorite Lahat moment came during the game against UK. Y’all know what I’m talking about.

Refresh my failing memory.

I believe Rylan Jones got hurt on a play where he had been fouled and was due to shoot free throws. He had to exit the game. Kentucky chose Lahat as the replacement shooter and he buried both free throws.