Seems odd to discuss sports after this week, but here's a Utah bowl projection

Utah vs. Iowa in the Las Vegas Bowl

I love this matchup and location. I don’t believe Iowa and Utah have ever played each other. I believe this game would be in the Raiders new stadium. Iowa typically brings lots of fans to bowl games as would Utah with this matchup. Could be a hot ticket.

IIRC, we played Iowa back in 78 or 79. Also, IIRC, we won 13-9.

I could be wrong. I often am, just ask anybody.

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How could you be wrong when everything about you is so right? (Except your leftist commie political views).


My leftist commie political views is the only thing right about me.


Holy crap, I was right. It was 1978 and we won 13-9. I have no idea why I remembered that, except to say that I was a student at the time and not old and decrepit.


13-9. Sounds like both starting pitchers got knocked out in the early innings.


Sounds more like a defensive “slobber knocker” to me.

If we have some type of scaled-down, empty stadium season I wonder if bowls will happen (assume yes) and how they will work. Will they bother to have them all in the ‘right’ stadiums, or batch them up in a few key stadiums by region. The new venue in Vegas could be well-positioned to host a bunch of bowls.

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You know, as crappy as Sam Boyd Stadium was… they still had a tailgate section that put BYU’s to shame. (As do most little league teams, granted.)


In light of COVID, it is going to be interesting to see how many second tier bowl actually survive. Given the huge financial commitments the sponsors and bowl committee(s) face to operate a game in a likely empty or near-empty stadium, a lot of these are going to go belly up.

Honestly, if there was a time to move to a 16 team playoff format, now would be the time.