SEC Announces their football plans

NOOO!!! We are going to be robbed of the ultimate smackdown, where the plucky parochial team from Provo, Utah slays Saban’s (Satan’s?) mighty juggernaut because their regular opponent up north of them was so terrified that they had their entire conference reschedule… never mind.

Lol. Like college football is happening this fall. They need to stop playing with these kids. They aren’t paid real money to be operating in this crap.


We don’t have control of the virus.
Many come from multigenerational families. They deserve the best testing possible. All the time.

We’re all going to have to take a year or two off from the things that we love.
Hopefully we’ll be able to remain with the ones we love


Sucks for the kids who worked so hard to get to this point but some things are bigger than football.


Sorry, I just don’t care about the TDS. If they had to play against Bama and got crushed, outstanding. If they have to play 6 games against Weber State, that’s fine too.


All it’s going to take is the G5, and more specifically the MWC, deciding to go conference only and East Provo is screwed.

That said, @BamaFanNKY is right about the idea of shutting down the season and moving on. These are kids. They are not professional athletes with a paycheck involved. They are students on scholarship hopefully earning degrees to help them with the next chapter of their lives. Let them worry about their studies for now.


I think this is the first time someone on this board said I was right.


Just don’t start having sex in your dreams with astral demons and you can hang any time :wink: