Season Tickets

I saw a bunch of Tweets the other day from BYU fans weeping, wailing and gnashing teeth over season ticket price increase. I got curious and pulled up the seating chart for Rice-Eccles & Rice-Eccles South. For what Cris and I would be paying for our RES north endzone bleacher seats, we would be in sideline chairs at the Lav.

Welcome to the Big XII, BYU. They’re only going to go higher.

They do that a lot. About everything.


I remember back when we busted the BCS and Urban left for Florida and we had a Florida fan appear here quite regularly for some time. We got to talking about ticket prices, (ours have gone up a lot since then of course) and pretty much paying to sit on the 50 at Rice-Eccles would at best get you in the end zone at the Swamp.

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Poor little kitties. Maybe they need some cheese to go with that WHINE!!!

“Cheap whiny bastards”

RIP Hod!