SC vs SJSU in the witness protection program

I see the score line it’s close but thankfully for the Trojans most of America won’t see it due to the network it’s being played.

Can you say “suspect defense?” :scream:


Cam might have some fun.

In this era of political correctness, no, forget political correctness, how the hell is a giant size replica jersey allowed to be displayed for a double murderer? I hear Ted Bundy had a great jump shot.


They just gave up 28 points to a middle of the road MWC team in their own house.

Just like last season…all offense, not a lot of defense.


That was my take, too. SC has amazing talent on the offensive side, that one desperation heave by Williams for TD on the fumbled snap illustrated that, but their D is average at best.

I am hopeful that the Utes can make Caleb cry again come 10/21.


USC was getting pressure on the SJSU QB, but I couldn’t believe the creases being opened by the Spartans in the run game and the short passing game.

Game 1s are always a wildcard, but especially with USC’s back-loaded schedule, if we stay halfway healthy and rotate lots of guys, I like the ingredients for parting ways with them the way we want.


WRT their schedule I hadn’t realized they rigged it for a bye week ahead of the CCG. That makes me really want to see that little bit of handy work be rendered useless by mid October.


Whoa, whoa, whoa. How did they get TWO bye weeks? Does anyone else get two bye weeks? I thought you were only allowed to play week 0 if you played @Hawaii?

What a bunch of pansies. I’ve never seen a “blue blood” that is so scared to do anything. Every day that goes by, I can’t wait for them to get their ■■■■■ handed to them in the B1G. They have no idea what is coming for them.

USC is like that kid from a small town who thinks he the end all be all and he travels into the big city to set the world on fire just to realize just how incredibly average they are.


This 2 bye weeks is some real BYU ■■■■. Make things as easy as you can then tell everyone how hard it is. Someone on reddit said it best when describing BYU:

“Their whole motto is a lie can travel the world many times over before the truth gets out of bed.”

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They’ve been incredibly average over the last 13 years. For a school that measures its success by MNC’s, it’s fair to say their cupboard has been very bare. Pointing perpetually to history is a nice salve that shows they have more in common with BYU than they do with tOSU, Clemson, Bama, or Georgia.

One of these shouldn’t be listed. LSU is more the team you are looking for before Clemson.

Blame your cousins in Provo! We had BYU scheduled for November 25th but they backed out to accommodate their move into the Big 12. What are we supposed to do, schedule a 10th straight game when everyone else not independent is playing in conference, or a week 0 game?

“Scared to do anything” = laughable. You try playing Notre Dame for 100 years.


Do you not know the history of this program? When has Utah ever shied away from scheduling someone?


omg. I didn’t say or infer anything negative about Utah football or its scheduling.

Never mind.



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We tried. They backed out and we were able to replace them. Sounds like an excuse. Then again this is what I expect from SC, bad defense in all aspects of life.


Well, we reached out to Chattanoogo, but Alabama already has them scheduled for NOVEMBER 18th, so they weren’t available.

And while we’re on the topic, can you tell me your excuse why Alabama and Georgia, despite being in neighboring states and in the same mighty conference, have only played each other 15 times during the regular season in the last 58 years?

You should be the last person chiming in on this.


Easy, it’s called divisions/rotational schedule and cross-division tie-in games. Alabama has a cross-division rivalry with Tennessee (which was the dominant team in the East for most decades) while Georgia has Auburn(Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry) and they would rather die than swap. But we’ve played them 11 times since 2000 and went 7-4.

Nobody complains we have only played Vanderbilt 3 times under Saban.

Alabama also has LSU a team that has won two National Championships since you have, and Auburn a team that has a National Championship since the Trojans were relevant on their schedule EVERY YEAR. Plus, Tennessee won a Natty in 1999. The last time you had an eventual National Champion on your schedule was during the George H.W. Bush Administration.

SC doesn’t face a ranked opponent till October 14th and they played in week zero. Alabama will have played three ranked teams prior to that.

Your team had the 75th SOS last season and the 97th in 2023 thinking and you think you have a leg to stand on. I Guess Alabama’s 31st SOS is just easy for the Trojans so they scheduled down. FWIW, The Utes somehow get the 37th in the same conference. Admissions at SC are as easy as their football schedule apparently.

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I don’t know if you are talking to me or not, but I have railed on the SEC’s weak schedule for years, and have said that we should all follow the SEC way of scheduling:

1 - Add teams so your good teams don’t play each other.
2 - Cut down to 8 conference games so your good teams don’t play each other.
3 - Do what Alabama does and schedule a bye and/or FCS before major games (LSU and Auburn).


Make two rules:

You cannot make the playoffs unless:

1 - You play 10 P5 games, not including your conference championship game
2 - No non-P5 games the last six weeks of the schedule.

That equalizes everyone’s schedule really fast.

I know Alabama and CNS have pushed for the 9 game conference schedule. The problem is convincing Vanderbilt, Mississippi State, South Carolina, and say Arkansas to add an upper-tier team. In fact, Alabama has been the lone vote.

However, I would have you Google Team talent composite. It’s hard to justify to some when you’re a 40th-ranked talent team and you are in a conference where 11 of the top 26 teams were in your conference last season (2 more are joining next season). It’s brutal for those lower-tier teams to qualify for bowls.

Not all P-5s live up to the “P.”

Edit: Let’s just look at last season. How many teams from each conference had teams in the Top 35 for talent in the talent composite.

ACC: 5 of 35
B1G: 7 of 35
Big XII: 3 of 35 (2 of them are moving to the SEC)
Pac 12: 6 of 35
SEC: 13 of 35 (The only SEC team without a top 35 ranking is Vanderbilt)

Source: 2022 College Football Team Talent Composite