SC Suspends a beat writer?!?!

Lincoln Riley is in a tiff about an article that he claims “was not accurate,” but does not point out what parts were actually inaccurate. Neither he nor the school asked for any corrections or retractions. He did this same crap at OU. Something tells me if he starts losing games this will get worse for him, not the reporter. This is a bad look from a school known to cover up scandals.

There’s a thread on r/cfb about this. Riley is getting roasted by the OU fans. I read some of the article that Riley got upset about. There was nothing in the blurb that I read that sounded anything but positive about a freshman player. I still don’t understand why Riley is lauded as a great coach, and this reaction doesn’t help me understand. IMO he’s a great OC, but far from a great or even good HC. But hey, I don’t write his paychecks.

1-4 in post season and took over a great program in Oklahoma. Yeah he’s a great OC but a HC, probably not.

Well, suspending the press is something only the most petty people do. If the article was wrong in its content, make your case. Riley didn’t…again.

In short Lincoln Riley and U$C don’t want press, they want propagandists.


Hmmm…sounds like…never mind…


Apparently Riley frosted the windows of the dorm rooms that overlook the OU practice fields. What a whackjob.


USC is such an interesting phenomenon. I’ve often pondered over the years just how it is that the university became what it is–the very good, the very bad, and the uniquely ugly. The huge concentration of southern California wealth, connection to the entertainment industry, Los Angeles area culture, and athletic success are all among the amazing mix of ingredients.

Newspapers are still around?


Yeah, some people even read them.


As someone with friends who write for the LA Times it’s been an interesting week. My Aunt also worked for the Register and another friend worked for the now defunct OC Weekly. Power will always try and crush the people trying to keep them in check. Is SC still one of the best schools in the nation? Absolutely. Does it have some glaring flaws that need to be addressed? Indeed. This action by them is the exact opposite.

Yup and I subscribe to the LA Times and NY Times for a reason. Both are solid papers that give a look at both coasts. I also will subscribe to one of my locals and often Miami or a Texas newspaper (I rotate) for Central and South American news.