SC alumn breaks down biggest murder trial of 2023

Hey, isn’t he supposed to be out on a golf course somewhere in SoCal trying to find “the real killers” of Ron and Nichole? :wink:

Why wasn’t this video shot from inside a White Ford Bronco doing 45 MPH on the 405? :wink:

Inquiring minds want to know! :joy::joy::joy:


I must admit that he sounds a lot more articulate now than he did back in the day when he was being tried for murder.

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They found the guy guilty but he had a pretty good breakdown. OJ was always articulate. He’s just also a murderous narcissist.


OJ is very articulate. Always has been. What we hear in this video is the time he invested in the Law Library of the prison.

I just remember him from the early days of Monday night football. He wasn’t articulate then.