Sat morning show predictions (GameDay, Big Noon Kickoff)

Not really important and it probably depends on which channel is covering certain games, but with Fox going to CU@TCU, then Neb@CU, then CSU@CU and GameDay doing UNC@SC, Texas@Alabama, no CSU@CU, wondering what the following weeks might hold.

CU is the hottest story and ticket - cheapest is $200 for CSU, $330 for USC, $360 for Stanford! (Fri night). Only in the $100s for OSU, UA, UU (but probably waiting to see how they are).

The PAC12 will have a lot of stories and is good this year, but ESPN and FOX helped kill it, so do they highlight it or ignore it more than usual?

Week 4: Ohio St @ ND odds on favorite. FSU @ Clem maybe (likely decides the ACC but Clem already with a loss). CU @ Ore probably out, Ole Miss @ Alabama not that interesting/impactful, same for Iowa @ Penn St., probably not UCLA @ Utah or Ore St @ Wazzu
Week 5: could go back to USC @ CU, esp. if both still undefeated (maybe Fox makes it 4 weeks out of 5!). Probably not ND @ Duke. Maybe LSU @ Ole Miss.
Week 6: going with Red River Rivalry OU v UT cheapest tickets going for $343 right now.
Week 7: Ore @ UW is the best game of the week it appears. There could be some other emerging story by the halfway mark, but not clear at this time.
Week 8: Utah @ USC is very tempting if both are undefeated and/or only 1 loss between them. Penn St. @ Ohio St. probably also a top pick if both undefeated. And if they hit Big 12 in Week 6, PAC12 in Week 7, might go B1G in Week 8… Tenn @ Alabama because ESPN are SEC homers.
Week 9: Definitely BYU @ Texas. haha. not. Situational, but Ore @ Utah is possible, CU @ UCLA or maybe a good week for an FCS game.
Week 10: KSU @ Texas, UW @ USC, LSU @ Alabama are choices. Austin would be different than Dallas, but they could want to get to LA if they don’t go to Utah @ USC. LSU/Bama are probably battle for west … depends on how things are going and prior weeks I guess
Week 11: Ole Miss @ UGA? Miami @ FSU? USC @ Ore? Utah @ UW? Duke @ UNC? My guess is Michigan @ Penn St.
Week 12: Time to settle the SEC East - UGA @ Tennessee. UCLA @ USC traitor bowl not as appealing as other PAC12 matchups, Wash @ Ore St probably not conference defining, Pandemonium in Provo (OU @ BYU) a laugher, SEC teams are playing their FCS foes
Week 13: Likely Ohio St @ Michigan. CU will have lost a bunch by Thanksgiving and other rivalry games won’t have the same umph as CFP implications in the B1G
Week 14: It’s usually the SEC championship, even if on CBS. I wish it were the PAC12 championship, but being Fri night, doesn’t make sense as post-game on Saturday. B1G will have a mediocre West team (3 best teams in the East), Big 12 is Texas or bust (likely for the Fox show), ACC could be juicy with top 2 teams playing for the first time (instead of division winners) - my pick for GameDay
Week 15: Army/Navy didn’t even have to look