Samson Nacua

Trust everyone has seen that WR Samson Nacua has entered the transfer portal.

Someone clue me in? What is going on?

I don’t pretend to understand college football anymore.


I realize that we didn’t spread the ball around much last year, but we had so few games and some QB issues. Surprised (not surprised) that some diva WRs are bailing on what hopes to be a great fall for the Utes. Best of luck to them. I really liked Nacua, hope he finds a home that suits him.

Isn’t Nacua the guy who didn’t want his brother to come to Utah because he should go to a ‘big time’ program?

yes. His brother Puka recently transferred from U Dub to Fresno, and I will bet Sampson does too.

I think that was Jones who transferred to Fresno. He’s also from Provo but Nacua is still at UW.

You are right. I am confused

One thing that wouldn’t make any sense in this transfer is a complaint that he wasn’t targeted enough this past year. The fact is Samson was pretty banged up for most of it and in one game barely looked like he should be playing at all.

I’ve asked elsewhere, but haven’t gotten a response, about what Nacua’s academic situation is. Has he completed his degree already? If so, does he have interest in a graduate degree? Moving on to another school for that may make perfect sense and have absolutely nothing to do with football.