Safety RJ JHubert

I’ve seen that Utah may try to add a safety this summer. Apparently, RJ Hubert injured his leg injury in the Spring game. He could (not will) miss this season.

Has anyone heard this?

I heard that he got hurt. I’ve not heard the extent of the injury or of any plans to add a player.

KW said yesterday that the injury would extend into the fall. Not clear if it ends his season. Sounds like an acl. It was bothering him in practice last week.

What was his injury in the championship game?

acl tear

Seems like a good time to move Jackson from QB to safety since Brewer has the QB1 locked up.


Don’t tell us, call Whitt.


I was thinking our next great LB for him.

Jqj needs the ball in his hands. Make him a WR and get him in space!

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We need a “Slash” in our offense. Jackson could be that guy.