Safe haven for dining out?

My wife and I need to get out and feel somewhat normal for a short period of time. Have any of you been to a restaurant or restaurant/bar lately in the SLC or Park City area where you’ve felt reasonably safe and comfortable given the Covid situation? This is an emergency.

Truth of the matter is just about any sit down restaurant right now feels pretty safe to me… the have space between tables. I’d maybe avoid ones with lots of people walking around and go off hours if you are really concerned. We’ve been able to go to places like the Dodo at 4:30 and sat by no one.

Why would anyone go to the dodo?

You serious Clark?

Maybe it got good since I was there last in 2001. I took a date there in back then, and it was quite blah. I’m a little surprised it’s still in business.

Try Slackwater in Sandy. Feels safe and the food/beer is top notch. Agree with Rocker, most places are pretty safe minus Texas Road House. That place is always packed, went there last night.

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I don’t eat out much even when there’s not a pandemic on, but my wife and I went out for our anniversary in August by ordering to go from a steakhouse and eating at a picnic table in a park. You could do something like that (maybe eating in a car or finding a warm place - a church? your office at work?) if you are concerned about the virus and need to get out of the house.

Yeah, the COVID situation at Texas Road House is bad too. :wink:

There’s one right around the corner from me. It’s ALWAYS packed. Boggles my mind.

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a couple things I would strongly consider. Go super early or very late as to avoid as many others as you can. Try and pick a place that isn’t small and cramped, someplace with good ventilation. Dont be shy about where you want to sit. If they sit someone too close to you, tell them you’re not comfortable with that. Double mask and only take it off when you eat. Don’t spend excessive time there.

Thanks for the tips. I guess we’ll go check a few places out and be flexible. The Dodo is one of our old favorites but haven’t been there in a while. A side note - sorry to see the Paris Bistro on 15th has closed.

We go to Hires on 7th East. LOL! It’s kinda, sorta like eating out. Door Dash is our chosen restaurant these days.

We did eat at the Little America hotel restaurant in October because we had to meet someone there. It’s not our favorite by any means but we felt safe that one time we were there, and I’d call the menu pretty decent comfort food.

As for why eat at the Dodo, I have a 3-word response: Toll House Pie.


Butterfinger cheesecake pie for starters.

Just have it ready for pickup. Binge watching the Expanse…priorities. :wink:

So, I should go to the Dodo for crazy desserts full of candy bars and cookies?

When I’m in SLC, I might be able to eat out once or twice. I’m not using one of those on a candy bar cheesecake and an uninspired sandwich menu!

Try the Cajun Chicken Alfredo next time. I’m not a huge fan of their sandwiches either (although I know they are very popular). I like the rest of the menu quite a bit though.

I don’t usually eat the dessert there, but the Chocolate Almond Mousse Pie is very good, along with the Tollhouse Pie.

That sounds good. I’m adding it to my menu to make it next week.

Ah yes. That’s where we had our wedding breakfast/lunch/whatever 33 years ago. I feel like it was called something else back then.

I’ve only had the Toll House Pie once. If you’re in the mood for a crazy, excessive indulgence, it’s great. If you want to weigh 300 lbs. it’s also a good tool for helping you toward that goal.

If you’re only eating out once while here, I’d hit Chuck-A-Rama in Draper. You may laugh at this suggestion but you’re wrong.

It’s not even the same ownership.

The dodo is now owned by the group that owns Porcupine, Rio Grande Cafe and Bohemian.