Sad News About One of Our Own

I’m sad to share terrible news. This man was UtahManSir here on the board. (Not to be confused with UtahFanSir.) This tragedy left his family in a lot of need. There’s a GoFundMe link in the article. I plan to donate and I encourage everyone here to do so also, if you can.

Truly Heartbreaking. :disappointed_relieved: :cry:

For the countless people who online, in social media, in public discourse, etc, so terribly overuse and misuse the word “Tragedy”, THIS… this is an actual tragedy.

I’m going to take the info down, but it will be a while before I can actually $$ help out.

Lets show this family a little of the love we gave to Ty and Aaron’s families.


I knew Phil, but not supper close friends. He built me a computer a long time ago. Great guy.


Oh no :cry: