Ryan Lacy's latest tweet

Says he is done supporting UofU football and Morgan. Says he had to quit his job because of threats made by people.

I’m not going to say whether or not I think Scalley said something that he perceived as racist. I wasn’t there, I don’t know. Not my place. That being said, he isn’t helping his case with these tweets he keeps sending out. Clearly, whatever happened is bothering him… A LOT. I’m assuming that it bothered him at least that much back when it actually happened. The fact that he said nothing about it for a very long time, and now he can’t seem to move on from it is a little strange.

The difference between how Singleton handled his thing, and Lacy handled his is very interesting.

As far as the quitting his job thing is concerned, I’m not sure how that works. Doesn’t he live out of state? I thought he lived in Texas. Are there Ute fans in Texas that for whatever reason know where he works, and are threatening to show up to his work?

I don’t know, like I said, not my place to judge, but I have a lot of questions about this whole thing.

Even the zoobs on Cougarboard are on Scalley’s side on this, and they can’t stand Scalley.

Lacy posted a particularly horrific message he received from a Utah “fan” over this whole thing. It was quite threatening to him, and specifically mentioned going after his job and his family. If the same type of person who sent that message decided to then go after his employer, who knows what may have happened that could have caused him to lose his job.

I can completely understand Lacy being extremely frustrated and angry if people are going after him not only via social media, but actually contacting his employer and threatening his family (which he seems to indicate has happened).

That behavior goes FAR beyond what may or may not have happened with Scalley, and I think he has every right to not just “get over it”.

You can read about the messages he (and others) have received on his Twitter page


ok… All of those things are terrible, but he’s blaming the UofU and Scalley for things that they did not do (speaking of the threats).

I’m also not sure I agree with the idea that he’s being forced to move on from his job because of twitter threats. I get it, threats are scary I guess. I’ve been threatened many many many many times. I’ve had people point guns at me and tell me they were going to kill me, and my family. I’ve had people threaten to blow up my place of work. All of those happened as a result of my job. I still have the same job. Not one person has acted on those threats (probably over 100 threats over the last 5-6 years). Yes, it’s a bit scary. I’m aware that my situation and his are not at all the same, and I have no idea what it’s like to be a person of color in America… I also know that the vast majority of threats, especially of the twitter variety, have very very VERYl little chance of actually coming to fruition. Unless he was fired, he chose to leave his job because of some incredibly nasty things that people said to him. I have ZERO problem with him making that choice, but it is nonetheless a choice that he himself made.

If this is just about wanting to feel safe to the point that he left his job in order to protect himself and his family, why does he keep bringing it up on twitter? If his main reason for being angry/frustrated is because of the threats (as you indicated in your response) why continue to bring it up on twitter? If he wants the threats to go away, there is a pretty simple solution… stay off twitter. Should he have to do that in order to feel safe? NO, but it is certainly a choice that he could make if he is worried about the safety of him and his child.

What was his purpose in bringing up the incident with Scalley? Was it to bring light to a perceived injustice? If so, he accomplished that by doing what he has done. When you bravely come forward with such things, there is going to be backlash. Is that fair? Absolutely not, but it is to be expected by anyone who has spent any time on the internet. If his purpose was to bring a resolution to an incident that he believes happened around a decade earlier, this was the wrong way to go about it, and (in part due to the way he went about it) he has not seen the resolution that he wants to see.

Has Lacy deserved the backlash that he has received for his story? Not in the least, but placing the blame on Morgan and the university of utah is just flat out wrong.

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Damn, we are becoming a nanny state (no not just Utah). Some brad soul needs to stand up and say enough, partner!

Yes. Where are the Brads of the world when we need them?


I think he was looking for a payout from the U of U and didn’t get one.

Where on god’s green earth do you work? Or do you just have that kind of effect on people?


I don’t know where he works, but they need to make a movie about this place ASAP!


He’s Jason Bourne

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Obviously a place where lots of Karens frequent…


Given the levels of crazy out there roaming around untreated, it is easy to understand how someone could fear for their life and the safety of their family. I feel for any an all caught in that maelstrom.

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Don’t dance the cages in Wendover for short money, that’s all I got to say…

I don’t doubt parts of Ryan’s story, but this narrative that he is this victim to the U and it’s athletics dept seems a little over the top. When his accusations came out I thought they seemed opportunistic. At the same time, I know there is validity to some of his harassment claims. I just don’t think everything adds up, especially when considering that the official investigation basically dismissed his claims against Morgan.

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social worker

Social worker at the most hated state agency… and I think a TV series would be more appropriate.