Running Utes vs. Bobby the Brat or is it Rat Hurley’s team

Utes favored by 11 1/2.

Buffs beat them by 12 last night.

The loss in Tempe hurt and I hate ASU. I hope we win by 100 points.


The happy place is bASUra losing by 20+ AND Hurley getting the Kiffin treatment at the airport when they get home. :wink:


If anybody wants 2 excellent seats for tonight’s game, PM me. No charge. All you have to do is cheer loudly for the Utes.

Uninspiring half, only up two. Our FT shooting will really limit us in post season play.

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They said we were 335th in the country in FT%



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I really expected a better effort and showing tonight. Pretty disappointing.


ASU shooting the lights out.

I’ve got a bad feeling about this game.

Something has to change pretty quickly for us to get back in.

I may be wrong, but our defensive rebounding looks atrocious. That tells me they’re not fired up. I wonder if Arizona isn’t beating us twice?


To me this is the most disappointing performance of the year.

Ball game.

Pretty shocking to see Deivon not make a single point all night.

well that was a kick in the boys. So disappointing


Someone’s seat might be warming up a bit. This is the most senior laden team we’ll ever have. We lose like 90 percent of our production next year going into the B12? Ouch.

Watching the USU BSU game. I’d play for the Aggies in the Spectrum. Those fans bring it.

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Not impressed seeing the team trying to run the schedule in reverse to end the season. :skunk::skunk::skunk::skunk::skunk::skunk::skunk:

The Utes looked out of gas
Can’t understand why after Devion only played 51 minutes 2 nights ago.


I was worried we’d have a hangover after Thursday.

Watching AZ dismember the Buffs in Boulder tonight, they look like a #1 seed. We saw that talent and depth a couple of days ago and our guys went toe to toe. We sold out to try and win that game, just don’t have the talent and depth to handle that kind of game and be fine 2 days later.

(Does anyone know what Exacte’s injury is?)

Recharge and recalibrate. No other choice.