Running for the Roses…through the Rose Bowl. The Utah vs UCLA Game Thread

Well, here we go folks. Time to get ready for a 1:30 pm Kickoff.

Utah 38 - UCLA 18

Really nervous about this one.

27-24 Utah

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We got a few hours, a little pregame levity:

I had to peek at the Cirque de Cougarboard, there seems to be some angst that Notre Dame has more fans out and about in Vegas than does BYU.

“Oh no!!”

Say what you will about the school from Provo, their fans are reliably amusing.


I’m not afraid of dog fights, I’ll go with the same score we had 8 years ago: 30-28 Utes

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Utah - 11
UCLA - 3

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Utah 99-3. No charity safety this time - we actually kick a FG FOR Ucla when time is expiring because we’re that kind of classy.




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I’m gonna go with 34-31 Utah winning. Why? Why not? We’ll also have more fans than fUCLA at the game.

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I dunno. They’re actually winning so some of the bandwagon LA fans might actually show up.

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@Carolina_Cycling_Ute, I’ve been thinking exactly the same score all week - so yes, in a game that I fear will be much closer than I’d like, Utah over UCLA 34-31.

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Utah - 34
Domestic Help - 20



If we hold up our end, I hope Southern Cal holds up their end. Next week’s game would be epic.


I’ve got a question about the TV broadcast. I have a friend who has Sling (for the specific purpose of watching Utah football) and it turns out that the game today is on the Fox network, not Fox Sports. Swing in Utah does not carry the fox net work. Does anyone know how my friend can somehow access the game? He doesn’t have cable TV.

I wonder how many people are having this problem. I think a lot of folks, like me, saw “Fox” shown as the TV availability, and assumed it was one of the Fox sports channels. Fortunately I have the Comcast package that includes Fox Sports.

UPDATE: He dropped Sling and switched to Fubo–he’s very happy with that.

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GAME DAY - Go Utes! (Nobody, and I mean Nobody, flies BYU Blue in my neighborhood.)


I am very impressed with FUBO. It’s the best accidental purchase I ever made.


Which fubo package?

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An OTA antenna, or I’m pretty sure he can watch it on the Fox Sports App on most mobile devices, or Roku, AppleTv, etc.


Utah 31; UCLA 21.

What channel has the start of the game?

Fox app or fs2 or fox will switch over for Utah, CA and then the rest at the end of this game