Running back tandems

I was thinking the other day about how fortunate Utah football has been to have good running backs. The program hasn’t always had amazing players at this position, but going back to the '70s, there has usually been a solid group of backs.

I started wondering, what is the best one-two punch Utah has had at this position. There have been some good ones. Some that come to mind include Tony Lindsay and Del Rodgers, Del Rodgers and Carl Monroe, Jamal Anderson and Keith Williams, Chris Ma’afala and Juan Johnson, Mike Anderson and Omar Bacon, Marty Johnson and Quinton Ganther, Darrell Mack and Matt Asiata, and Devontae Booker and Joe Williams.

But statistically speaking, the most potent duo Utah has ever had was Dameon Hunter and Adam Tate in 2001. That year, Hunter had more than 1,300 yards, and Tate had more than 800. Off the top of my head, I wouldn’t have guessed those two would have been No. 1.

I saw the games of all those you mentioned. Myself, Rodgers and Monroe were the best but I would be happy for the RBs this year to top that.

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Actually, I was wrong. In examining this closer, it looks like Carl Monroe and Hilria Johnson combined for 2,225 yards in 1982, 10 yards more than Hunter and Tate did in 2001 (and Utah played 11 games in '82 compared with 12 in '01).

Great info. Thanks for researching it.

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Booker + Williams v2.0. That tandem would’ve taken us somewhere.

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