Rose Bowl

Someone over at the Big 12 BBS brought up a good question. Who get the Rose Bowl affiliation now, if anyone?

I hadn’t really thought much about it until now. But that is a good question. Supposedly preliminary contact has been made between the Big 12 and the Rose Bowl.

It’s the first road of the 4 team playoff this year. So, the Pac-12 Champ could play there but if they don’t make the playoff and are not the higher seed Utah may be the last Pac-12 Champ in the Rose Bowl.


Well, guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Isn’t Rose Bowl a permanent (for whatever that means in college football these days) part of the expanded playoffs now?


Everything is up for renegotiations in 2025 I believe.

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It’s a CFP game right now and likely going forward. I could see them doing a thing that a Big Ten team goes to that game if they make the CFP.

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Yeah my understanding is the Rose is just a playoff bowl now so really we can go back if we are seeded right. Just need to win the B12 and see what the draw is.

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Correct. I also think it’s better than Rose Bowl Classic. Alabama (Playoff and BCS Title), Georgia, Oklahoma, Cincinnati, TCU, Miami and Texas (BCS Title) off the top of my head have all been in the Rose bowl recently with the new formats.

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Yep, future of Rose Bowl has already been decided. The last time there was automatic slotting (PAC, B1G) was last year. This year it’s part of 4 team playoffs, afterwards is one of the semis as part of the expanded playoff. They had to give in and hoped to keep the day and time (partly becuase it’s part of the whole event with the parade, etc.) and the playoff will try, but made no solid guarantees. It was that or being relegated to a lower level (not a NY6) bowl.

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Thank you for the reminder, I had forgotten about that change with the Rose Bowl.