Rose Bowl prediction(non score edition)

A weight like none other is about to crash down on this team.

Win or lose, big games always produce a certain amount of tears, and I’m taking the over on this one. You know these guys haven’t truly faced things, or had a chance to properly mourn. They’ve been propping each other up all season, you see it in the way they play for each other, like no team I can remember.

When the season ends, the crutch of combined purpose will give way to the weight of reality. A weight this team has been collectively bearing in such an inspiring fashion. The weight will not crush them though, my prediction is, this team will keep holding each other together and continue making us proud, as they’ve done all year.

My final score,

UTAH- forever
OhioSt- respect

Go Utes

Utah 34 tOSU 31 and then a Disney movie.

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Utah - 22
tOSU - 2

Just for the cosmic symmetry of it all. :slight_smile:

In truth, I have no idea what to think. Will need to wait and see if/how many of tOSU’s players are sitting out before making an actual prediction.