Rockies to the World Series!

Ok, it has happened (2007), but they will not. The elevation makes it hard to get decent pitchers to come (if SLC gets a team, it’ll be similar), and the Monfort brothers (Charlie, Utah '82 BS Marketing and Business Management) trade away good hitters/defensive players once they get good to get value on their development. Hope they sell the team, maybe to Rob Walton who bought the Broncos or Kroenke who already owns the NBA Nuggets, NHL Avalanche, NFL LA Rams, and Arsenal FC (and WFC) + MLS Rapids and NLL Mammoth (lacrosse) and 2 esports teams. Attendance used to be top 5, but has dropped to 15 with downtown Denver still recovering from the pandemic (and homelessness and crime has risen). The NL West is brutal.

  • Diamondbacks just went to the World Series
  • Dodgers have a huge payroll and expectations went from win WS to win WS
  • San Diego trying to catch up with payroll, but traded Soto away (but may have won that trade)
  • Giants cycle, but when pitching is good, they go deep into playoffs