Rocker (or anyone else), is there anyway to access the legacy site?

I can’t seem to access it through the link above. I’m feeling nostalgic and wanted to peruse old archived posts.

I pulled it down a while back because it was extremely expensive to host (needs some legacy software and stuff and is also HUGE) as a cash saving effort - but I have an image of it that I can put back up at any time. The plan was to clean up all the misc. garbage on there and get it to a manageable and reasonable size and then just leave it up.

What if we picked a week to throw it back up for the nostalgia and then maybe I can do the work to clean it up? To be honest I’ve been avoiding that because it is a BEAR to do, and I’m busy pretending to run a business in a pandemic.


No worries, I understand if not. There were just a lot of gems that I like to revisit from time to time.

If you do make it available again, please post us a notice. Would love to check it out.

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I had some pictures on the old “picture” area of the old site I would like to have and don’t. Anyway to at least get those?